From Non-Slip to Our Slipperiest Hijabs

One of the biggest questions we get are: “do these hijabs slip?”. So we’re here to tell you the honest truth about our hijabs and which slip a little and which don’t at all!

From our least slippery to the slipperiest hijab:

1) Viscose Ripple

Our Viscose Ripple do not move, simple as that! You don’t need an underscarf or really any pins, just wrap and run. The ripple texture not only holds everything in place but adds a little bit of volume which forever flatters. Another plus, on top of zero slippage, is how incredibly soft and plush these hijabs are, truly a must in every hijab collection!


2) Cotton

Our cotton is extremely close behind the viscose in terms of non slip material at J.Veil. This hijab won’t move on you either and it doesn’t hurt that it’s also extremely comfortable. Just throw it over your shoulder for an effortless look and you’re good to go. The frays also add a fun flare to any outfit. 


3) Modal Ripple (coming February 3rd 2019)

Our Modal Ripple is one of those hijabs that wraps so elegantly and then sits right where you left it. It has such a beautiful texture which holds everything in place. It really just feels like nothing is on your head possibly requiring minimal adjustments. We like that hijab life.

Golden Hour Modal Ripple


4) Chiffon  

Our Chiffon hijab of course gets our most slippery hijab title. Our chiffon hijabs however do have a slight texture representing a georgette material which provides way less slip than other smoother chiffon fabrics. In comparison to our other materials though, it is still more slippery than the rest. However, when you’re looking for that elegant, sophisticated, put together look, our chiffon is definitely your answer.


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